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24-03-11 08:20

Subject: Inauguration of the Olivais Pumping Station Hydraulic Circuit

The Olivais Pumping Station in Lisbon was inaugurated on 22 March, World Water Day. by João Fidalgo, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EPAL, in the presence of other members of the company board. This project was undertaken by Somague, represented at the ceremony by its Chairman, José Luis Machado do Vale and by the Project Supervisor, Pedro Júlio, among others.

The Olivais Pumping Station was built under the orders of Duarte Pacheco, the Minister for Public Works and Communications at the time, and inaugurated in 1948. Over the years, the conduits began to show signs of deterioration with high levels of damage and wear to electromechanical equipment, for which reason the hydraulic circuit and, subsequently, the equipment needed to be refurbished. Somague responded to the challenge, maintaining the Olivais Pumping Station in full operation throughout the construction, without any interruptions to the water supply to the city of Lisbon.

This project is divided into two different stages, covering the full renovation of each of these areas. The project envisaged construction work, as well as the complete replacement of the hydraulic circuit of the whole Pumping Station, of its electromechanical, electrical and instrumentation and control components, and their external connections, including:

- North and South Technical Galleries with a gross construction area of 600 m², intended to house the equipment and hydraulic circuits upstream and downstream from the Station's pump sets;

- Associated electromechanical and electrical, instrumentation, metering and control equipment;

- Refurbishment of all external circuits;

- Operating and rain water drainage circuits;

- Installation of spiral-welded steel pipes in buried conduits, with a total length of 1.1 km and with varied diameters 150 mm ≤ DN ≤ 1,500 mm, protected by a monitoring system to ensure their preventive maintenace.

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