Somague interprets environmental management as a set of key actions to be implemented throughout its activity, to achieve maximum consistency in the process of decision-making regarding the conservation, defence, protection and improvement of the environment. The company’s Environmental Management System (EMS) helps identify key environmental challenges and respective legal requirements, as well as setting goals and appropriate measures to ensure the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

The EMS is certified according to NP EN ISO 14001:2012, which is systematically implemented in all works carried out. The company’s environmental policy is seen as a priority by all employees and followed throughout their daily routines with a view to the continuous improvement of Somague’s performance.

In the company’s view, excellence and respect for the environment must be present in all activities.

  • Environmental Policy
  • Certificate of Compliance NP EN ISO 14001:2012 (No. 2005/AMB.0250)

Climate Change and Energy Efficiency are both taken into account when assessing any impacts associated to the company’s activities. For this reason, Somague endeavours to minimise negative impacts through the streamlining of energy consumption. Consequently, efficient use of energy allows reductions of direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse-effect gases, especially in buildings.

The activities developed by Somague involve the use of different Natural Resources. That consumption is monitored to detect any deviations from the set goals and implement the most appropriate corrective actions.

Prevention is key to Somague’s Waste policy. The benefits are evident in the savings made in the consumption of raw materials and a reduction in waste management costs, and always with the goal of achieving a better environmental outcome.