Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance practices are designed to guarantee the adequate management of the company as well as to safeguard the rights of shareholders and to inform with maximum transparency about the company’s functioning and the financial situation.

The company meets all the obligations set out in current corporate governance legislation, having as its reference the corporate governance policy of its shareholder Sacyr to incorporate best practices in its management.

In 2015 Sacyr’s new Code of Conduct was published, being applicable to all subsidiaries and to companies over which, directly or indirectly, Sacyr exercises effective control, as is the case of Somague.

This Code of Conduct brings together the standards of personal behaviour and professional conduct the Board of Directors of Sacyr considers necessary to generate added value for its shareholders, employees and Group companies, through which it develops its activity.

As part of the Code of Conduct, there is a Counselling and Conduct Helpline, which has two functions: an advisory function and one for the denunciation of Code of Conduct non-compliance. As regards the latter, confidentiality is guaranteed as is the respect for the rights of the complainant.

The year 2015 saw the implementation and consolidation of the Risk Management System at the company. The use of the Risk Analysis and Management Portal, oriented to the business in its different stages, as well as its implementation in loco, highlighting the international area, led to the active steering of the business forecasts, based on the lessons learned, orienting these to the management of the Company’s knowledge.