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Somague involved in the largest engineering project under way in Angola

The Laúca hydroelectric facility project, situated in the province of Malange, Angola, is the largest engineering project under way in the country and one of the main dams on the river Cuanza. It is an important project for the Angolan economy and for Somague. In this complex project, Somague is responsible for building the water intake structure and the headrace shafts of the dam’s hydraulic system.

The Laúca reservoir began to fill on 11 March 2017, following a ceremony attended by the President of the Republic of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos.

The Laúca dam will generate 2,070 megawatts of electricity, through six turbines of 334 megawatts each, in two power plants.

Key statistics of the work carried out by Somague:

Water intake: Type: Gravity; Number of units: 6; Dimensions: 162.0 m x 74.4 m; Volume of excavation: 2,083,185 m³; Volume of concrete (CVC): 104,650 m³

Headrace shafts: Number of units: 6; Diameter (excavation): 8.0 m; Average height (unit): 60.0 m; Volume of underground excavation: 26,598.0 m³; Volume of concrete (CVC): 16,560.0 m³