Somague Concessões e Serviços, S.A. was created in October 1998. A sub-holding of the Somague Group, it was established to develop activities within the field of concessions. That same year the first highway concessions in Portugal were launched: Lusoponte (for the Vasco da Gama and 25 de Abril bridges in Lisbon) and Auto-Estradas do Atlântico.

From January 2005, after Somague became part of the Sacyr Group, the concessionaires’ activities in Portugal were coordinated by Somague Itínere.

When Itínere was sold, the Sacyr Group continued to develop its activities within the global infrastructure concessions market through Sacyr Concesiones.

During the course of 2009, under an agreement that was signed with Citi Infrastructure Partners, L.P., the sale of certain equity stakes that formed Itínere, and which also included Somague Itínere, was completed. Sacyr maintained stakes in 25 concessions that were in a phase of construction or ramp-up, along with remaining assets not involving motorways (service stations, intermodal transport hubs, airports and hospitals). All were grouped under the new Sacyr Concesiones, through which the Sacyr Group continues to carry out its activities within the infrastructure concession sector. 

Somague Concessões, S.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sacyr Concesiones, was established on 10 December 2008.  

On the basis of assets excluded a priori from the sale of Somague Itínere, Somague Concessões, S.A. acquired a 53% percent share that Somague Itínere had owned in the Auto-Estradas do Marão concession, as well as a 1% share that Itínere Infraestruturas also held in it, along with the existing 55% holding in Túnel do Marão Operadora. All these holdings became effective as of 16 June 2009.  

Other assets belonging to Somague Concessões de Infraestruturas include shares in the Braga, Vila Franca de Xira and Santo Espírito da Ilha Terceira hospitals, and the companies that manage the car parks at the Braga and Vila Franca de Xira hospitals, as well as a 25% share in the company SMLN, which owns 20% of shares in the Brisal road concession.

On 3 March 2016, Somague Concessões de Infraestruturas sold 98% of its hospital concessions company Hospitais Concessionados, a company created to hold its share in the three hospitals and two car parks, to the Aberdeen infrastructure fund. Somague Concessões de Infraestruturas maintains a 2% share in the company, which allows it to still manage contracts from a technical and financial perspective.