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San Francisco River Diversion

Somague in Brazil – San Francisco River Diversion Project – Eastern Stretch

The President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Michel Temer, and the Minister for Integration, Helder Barbalho, today inaugurated the eastern stretch of the diversion of the San Francisco River.

The San Francisco River Diversion Project is the largest water infrastructure development currently underway in Brazil, and is part of the country’s National Policy on Water Resources.

Spanning 477 km, with two stretches (East and North), the development will ensure water safety for 12 million inhabitants, in 390 municipalities, in the States of Pernambuco, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba, where drought is a common occurrence.

This development, overseen by Brazil’s Ministry of National Integration, encompasses the construction of thirteen aqueducts, nine pumping stations, twenty-seven reservoirs, nine 230 kilowatt substations, 270 km of high-voltage transmission lines and four tunnels. At 15 km in length, the Cuncas I tunnel is the longest in Latin America for carrying water.

Somague is currently developing the Eastern stretch, resumed in 2013, through the SA Paulista – Somague Consortium.

During the day today, 10 March, in a ceremony presided by the President of the Federative Republic, Michel Temer, and by the Minister for Integration, Helder Barbalho, the delivery of the water abstracted from the Itaparica reservoir, in Pernambuco, from the Paraiba Rio, in the State of Paraíba, will be commemorated after travelling 217 km via the canal. Somague will be represented at the event by its CEO, Jaime Dominguez.

As a matter of interest, the main characteristics of the development undertaken by the SA Paulista – Somague Consortium are noted below: A 54 km trapezoidal canal, 6 pumping stations, 4 landfill dams, 8 bridges, and 4 walkways.

Key statistics:

Excavation: 8 410 000 m3; Landfill/Backfill: 3 946 000 m3; Geomembrane: 886,000 m2; Concrete: 169,000 m3; Formwork: 362,000 m2; Steel: 3,450 tonnes.

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